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Set daily trailing drawdown

Hey there,

I want to set a daily trailing drawdown on my account but dont know how to do it. I only found stop loss parameters… could someone explain on how to make this work?

Thank you

Hello @ntrsnkk,

Thanks for your question and welcome to our community forum.

Are you looking to configure a daily drawdown on the entire account? For example, if your account loses $500 in one day, your positions will be liquidated and the account locked until the next trading day?

If so, this is something that can be configured on the backend of your account by your broker.

There is also auto-liqudation levels that can be set on Rithmic’s backend as well. For example, an auto-liqudation level can be set at $150, meaning that if your account has losses on the day and your balance reaches $150, all positions will be liqudated until further funds are added.

I personally am not aware of any sort of trailing drawdowns that can be configured on the account level.

The two types of risk management mentioned above must be configured by your broker in order for these to be established.

I hope this helps!
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