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Simple Scalping Platform


I am looking for a lightweight scalping platform, preferably with basic charting and fast speeds. I want to be able to set keyboard hotkeys to enter - exit and flat. Do cloud services provide fast speeds sufficient for scalping these days? I use a Mac and prefer to operate in the OS X environment.

I appreciate any guidance.


Thank you at @Realtrader for your question.

Most platforms have been engineered towards Windows OS. It rather hard to say whether a web-based execution would be better than a downloadable one because many of the factors that affect users are on their site. For example, the speed of internet, your personal PC capabilities, etc.

There are a few downloadable products that are native to the OS X environment and are in fact “light”.
However, as a scalper, we recommend this QST Trading Platform.
Connect it to the Rithmic data and we think that you git yourself a robust execution system.
We are not sure if you will have all the hotkeys you require, but you can reach QST on this number 312-980-8200.

Let us know if this addresses your needs and we will keep on looking for a futures trading solution for you

Thank you,
Optimus Futures
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That actually makes a lot of sense, Matt. Do you think that web-based execution is the future though? With a lot of things moving to the cloud and internet speeds being an issue less and less.


What I see in the industry is that more and more companies are focusing their efforts on the web.
It makes it easier to manage and update for new features. Also, people trade on their mobile devices, multiple locations, etc.
So the trend is going web-based. Having said that, I do not think that downloadable products will go away. There are those who prefer to trade from their PC and appreciate the features provided.