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Simulator and Live accounts on TT Trading Technologies



Does TT allow opening both Live and Simulator workspaces at the same time (for the same account)?



Hello @davkhot,

TT does provide the ability to change environments on the fly between simulated and live. We’ve reached out to TT in regards to opening them simultaneously. We will update this thread as soon as we receive a response.

Feel free to refer to the instructions below on how to change your trading environment:

Note : Before changing environments, consider saving your workspace. Any unsaved changes made to your opened workspace may be lost while changing to a different trading environment.

To change trading environments:

1. On top of the platform toolbar, left click Edit and select Change Environment… !


2. By selecting Change Enviroment… you then have the ability to swap between simulated and live environments using one trading account.

3. Once you select one of the following environments, confirm that you want to change environments in the pop-up dialog box opened by your browser.

We hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions about the TT platform.

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To follow up my last reply according to TT, yes you can open a workspace in both sim and live at the same time. Each workspace requires a market data session, which is set at the user lever per exchange.