Spread Trading on TT Platform: Autospreader or Aggregator


I’ve recently started using the TT platform. My method revolves around spread trading (specifically synthetic spreads) and I see the platform is packed with features surrounding spread trading, but I am unsure of which widget to use in my situation.

The two widgets that stand out to me are the Autospreader and the Aggregator, but they both seem very similiar. They both seem to do the same thing, create synthetic spreads across multiple exchanges and multiple symbols.

Can someone please clarify the difference and make a suggestion on which widget would be right for my situation?

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Hi @Nahama

I think the AutoSpreader widget may suite your trading style better.

Although these widgets can potentially be used interchangeably to create synthetic spreads, I do not believe the Aggregator can be used to automate execution, while the AutoSpreader can.

To sum things up, Aggregator gives you the ability to combine two or more instruments across multiple exchanges into a single synthetic instrument. When orders are placed on an agregrated instrument, the Aggregator routes orders to the legs of the synthetic instrument based of the market of each instrument and the number of settings. This gives you access to greater liquidity and the best price available with the placement of a single order.

For example, you could potentially set up a scenario where you could place 3 brent crude futures contracts on 3 separate exchanges, CME ICE and NFX. The aggregator combines the bid and ask qtys of of all the legs at each price to construct the market depth for the aggregated instrument.

The AutoSpreader functions in a similar manner, but does not aggregate depth of market in the manner that the Aggregator does and does not provide the same sense of liquidity.

It is not exactly possible to determine what widget is right for you. They can be potentially used to create similiar results, but they can also be used in drastically different ways. If you are looking for automated trading, I would 100% suggest the Autospreader.

I hope this helps and I can attempt to answer any other questions you have on TT.

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To piggyback on what was said by @FimeJB

There are features from both of these widgets that are very appealing, but as it was mentioned, it is entirely dependent on your trading method. Although they can be used interchangeably to some extent.

One great thing about both the Aggregator and Autospreader is after creating an aggregated instrument or spread for automation, it is available to trade using the Instrument Explorer in the MD Trader and Market Grid widgets.In addition to trading Aggregated contracts and Autospreaders using MD Trader, you can open aggregated instruments from the Aggregator Manager window to the Market Grid.

As shown below, once an instrument has been aggregated or a spread initialized, you can simply click the green launch button in the Aggregator or Autospreader winow and then select which widget you would like to open the spread/aggregated contract in.

Like @FimeJB said, the main difference between the two widgets is automated trading, but the auto spreader can also utilize special rules define by the platform and the user. There are a ton of automated trading rules that traders can apply to their spread in order to utilize their spread. Take a look at the screenshot below for a list of these rules.


I would suggest for you to try out both. Many features carry over between the two, but the only way to find out which widget is right for you is through trial by fire.

Let us know if you have any further questions on this topic. Feel free to reply back on which widget ended up working out better for you, many traders may have the same question or are stick in the middle like you are!


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