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Squeeze, expand graph in the X-Y axis

I find really useful to be able to squeeze or expand a graph in the X or Y axis independently with the mouse.
For example MAJ + scroll wheel for X-axis and CTRL + scroll wheel for the Y-axis.

Have you these features?

Thank in advance for the support

Hi @rinkgenet,

Thank you for your question.

If you look at the screenshot below, you can configure your price scale to manual by clicking on the word “automatic” or “manual” where the arrow is pointing:

Doing this allows you to manually squeeze or expand the graph on the x or y axis independently from one another using your mouse. You can use your scroll wheel on your mouse by hovering over the axis of your choice or you can simply left click, hold, and drag on top of the axis to expand/contract as well.

Let me know if this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

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Thank you for your reply. What about the TPO chart?
I don’t see the manual or automatic word.

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Another thing with standard charts. If you right click on the price scale it’ll pull up a menu that will show you the options for adjusting scaling. You’ll see there is auto, manual, and auto center. You’ll also see another option for the actual scaling mode itself. Absolute, logarithmic, and percentage.

TPO charts scale differently to a certain extent. You can still use the aforementioned ability to scroll on the price axis but it will move based on a tick value instead of just zooming in and out based on your preferred price display. I’m away from my computer at the moment, but I’ll post a screen shot of what I’m talking about in about 30 minutes unless the Mods beat me to it.


Thank you @Daedalus, I know what you are meaning. I was just wondering if we could do the same with the TPO chart as with the standard chart without changing the tick value.

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