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Step profile not matching up with cluster data

Information in step profiles only syncs correctly with cluster data (i.e., makes mathematical sense) when the cluster “delta calculation type” is set to tick direction instead of aggressor flag.

I believe aggressor flag is the more valuable calculation metric so how can I get the step profile data to be accurate with aggressor flag enabled? Things as simple as volume are flat out wrong with aggressor flag enabled. It doesn’t make sense since volume has nothing to do with delta and is black or white.

And yes I’ve made sure my step profile and cluster timeframes are identical. Any advice?

Hi @toptrader,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Optimus community forum!

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I know you and I spoke directly in an email conversation where you have already provided me with additional details and screenshots about this - so thank you.

I will address this with our developers and let you know the feedback they provide me with.

Thank you again for notifying us of this and we will keep this thread updated with any changes that are made to step profiles and cluster data.

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