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Strategy in OEC Trader

I am interested in setting up a bracket strategy that allows for a small target and then a runner. This is similar to the ATM strategy in NinjaTrader… It would look something like this…

Buy/Sell 3 contracts with a stop 10 ticks above/below entry…
1st target is 12 ticks with a buy/sell of 2 contracts thus taking profit on 2 contracts.
Contract 3 is allowed to “run” to a future target (20 ticks) with a trail-stop that AT MINIMUM never falls below the other 2 contracts. Worse case scenario is all 3 contracts are out at the same price. Better scenario is contract 3 has a tight trail-stop that keeps as much profit as possible.

I’ve looked at the “strategy order” button above the DOM but it’s a bit confusing…

The numbers I used were arbitrary just to give an idea of the scope of my question…

Thanks in advance for any insight…

Hello @brent.hilburn,

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for your question!

We’ve been doing a bit of research and were attempting to solve this, but ran into a bit of trouble coming up with a configuration that would match exactly what you were looking to accomplish. We figured it would be best to reach out to the support team of OEC Traders themselves.

According to their support team: “We don’t have the feature that will link one bracket to another bracket’s performance. Is the last bracket’s trailing stop increments tick by tick, one time (break-even), indefinite until target is reached, etc?”

They also requested that you provide an example with actual numbers and targets with screenshots, this would make all of our lives easier in addressing the issue and coming up with a solution. They also requested if you wouldn’t mind elaborating on when you say:

When you have the opportunity, please provide us with a bit more information and screenshots so we can help address this issue further. That would help tremendously!

Optimus Futures Support

Here’s an example with numbers for illustration.

Buy 3 contracts on NQ at 7600.00 (Long)
Stop-loss for all 3 contracts is automatically placed at 7597.50 (10 ticks)
Target for TWO(2) contracts is automatically placed (bracketed) at 7603.00 (12 ticks)
Contract 3 is the runner with it’s final target at 7605.00 (20 ticks)

The trailing stop on contract 3 ONLY should keep as much profit as possible with the BEST case scenario being that the price for contract 3 NEVER falls below 7603.00 but if that’s not possible then a winner should never be turned into a loser so it shouldn’t fall below the entry of 7600.00.

Hope this helps!

Hi @brent.hilburn,

Thanks for following up with more information and real examples for us to evaluate the situation with!

We’re going to test this ourselves and also get back in touch with Gain support for further advice on this type of strategy. As soon as we have an answer for you, we will follow up on this same post!

Thanks for your patience and for your contribution to the forum.
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Hello Brent,

We’ve just received word back from the Gain / OEC Trader support team.

The image below is the closest match that they could configure on OEC Trader with the information you have provided:

You can access this section by navigating to your DOM > Strategy Order > Configure > New as shown below:

This is an auto breakeven +12. This means if market goes up 13 ticks in your favor, then the stop is moved from 10 ticks below entry point to breakeven plus 12 or 22 ticks up from the original stop price.

When you attempt to place this order on your DOM, please make sure that the strategy order button is enabled, otherwise, your multibracket order will not execute as intended.

We hope you find this helpful! We’ve been communicating back and forth with their support team in efforts to find a solution for you!

Let us know if you have any further questions, we’d be more than happy to help you.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: