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Suggestion for Rithmic about the Login Dialog

I don’t know if you guys have the power to pass suggestions on to Rithmic but what would really be great would be a way to save the connection login information in the dialog as a template… there’s a lot to type in there now and sometimes users need to switch account quickly.

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Hi @ycomp,

Although our development teams are completely separate and we don’t have direct control over new features implementing into R Trader/R Trader Pro, we would be happy to pass along your suggestion to Rithmic!

I do agree that this would be a very nice feature, to have, especially if a user has more than one Rithmic account!

Thanks for your post and we’ll keep you updated if we hear back from Rithmic about this.
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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While I understand how convenient it would be to remember your password, in my personal opinion, it is also a measure of security that only you know the password to your trading accounts, and it is not automatically enabled.

Also, consider software like Sticky Password, where you could enable it to remember your password. The software also carries a password for this feature to be enabled. So it does add a layer of security. The above is a suggestion, so please conduct your due diligence to see if this meets your criteria. As Mod-JakeM suggested, we will talk to Rithmic why specifically they have built it this way.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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thanks Matt, just to be clear - this Sticky can automatically fill in fields of Windows Applications?

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I dont know. You can find their site and ask their support.
There are others like Keeper Security you can try as well.
Again, Please do your own research to find one that meets your criteria.

Optimus Flow, just as an example allows you to create multiple users for Rithmic, and allows you to save or not save the password. The Lock you see on the password could be “unlocked” and not rmember the password in cases you are mobile and need to be more careful exposing your password.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures