Switching FCMs with IRA Accounts

If I switch to one of your FCMs, do I need to send you a transfer form? Please walk me through the process.

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Hello @Kago7, thank you for your question.
The process to transfer accounts between one Futures Clearing Merchants(FCM) and another is simple. You should send the funds back to the custodian who you chose to hold your IRA futures account. The process is done by contacting your custodian and asking for a withdrawal from your current FCM. They reach the FCM, and your cash balance will be sent back to them.

Then the same custodian should be instructed to send the funds to your new FCM of choice. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask our staff to assist you with the paperwork necessary to complete this.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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Thank you for your guidance. The office manager in your organization helped as well.