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TPO Chart - VPOC Extension Until Touched for Volume Profile

Hi, I love the platform, amazing job! I had a question regarding a functionality that I think might be missing:

I have seen that Optimus Flow allows the user to extend the TPO VPOC “until touched”, but the Volume VPOC, which carries more importance in my opinion, does not allow for this same behavior and the chart ends up full of VPOC extensions that should get stopped as well once touched. This adds clutter to the chart and could end up inducing trading mistakes.

Is this functionality something that can be incorporated in the future? Has someone found a workaround for this?

Thank you in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ilfle,

Thank you for your question and welcome to the community forum!

At this time, I am not personally aware of a workaround for the feature you are looking for, but we are always open to suggestions!

I will show our developers this post and see if this is something they can implement down the line. They may also know of a workaround and if they do, I will gladly follow up and post the solution for you!

Thank you for your feedback and we will keep you updated.
Optimus Futures Support

Great, I´ll keep an eye out for this. Thanks a lot Jake


On this same topic, being able to extend the single print lines and personalize their color and/or linetype/opacity would also be extremely helpful. I have noticed that only one side of the single prints gets plotted as a line, leaving the other side of the single prints without a line. It would be great to have this visual aid indicate where they start and where they finish.

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Thank you for your additional feedback.

We will send this thread to the developers of Optimus Flow and hopefully we can add such additional customization in the near future!


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Thanks Jake,

It would be amazing if the Step Profile tool also incorporated the “Extend VPOC Until Touched” function since I believe it is what most people are using, including myself.

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