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Trade Copier Sierra Chart to MT5


Optimus, I asked both Sierrachart and MetaQuotes for this, and they said to refer back to you as my broker. So can you please tell me if it possible to have my sierra trades in mt5?


There are solutions around this, but may I ask why you wish to copy from one platform to another? We are asked this question from time to time and want to understand the logic of these requests. Maybe we can offer additional solutions if we know the nature of these requests.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support


I like the mobile version of mt5 and if I am not if front of my main monitor then I would like to monitor it that way. As far as I know, sierra does not have a mobile solution. If there are other solutions beside mt5 for phone, please list them.


Thank you for the explanation. We are not sure how you use the trading functionalities of Sierra Chart, but be advised that mobile solutions may not have the same features not to mention the susceptibility of mobile connectivity outside your hardwired environment. We respect that you want to watch the markets as well, so here are a few solutions. MT5 for futures is driven by CQG; you can use the same username and password for MT5 once you log out of Sierra. Essentially any mobile solution that utilizes CQG connectivity could do that.
If you wish to connect to both futures trading devices without having to disconnect one, we can get you a second username for that purpose.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures Support