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TradeStation to MultiCharts Coding


I have purchased a code for a semi automated system from a 3rd party vendor. My execution has not been up to par or my execution, therefore the return of the system thus far have been negative. Do you help customers convert their code from easy language to multicharts language? as far as I know the code should be the same and implementable just with a few adjustments. I want to see if the coding would make a difference with the Rithmic execution.

Do you have any other customers who converted the code?


Hello [MENTION=554]ESfusion[/MENTION], we do not translate codes or fixe codes as part of our services, however there is a small group of guys that we have worked with over the years that are programmer who are familiar with Easy Language and Power Language(used by MultiCharts). From what we know for the most part the code is the same, but small minor changes might necessary.

You can get the Rithmic Execution with a demo here:
MultiCharts Platform

This will automatically come with the username and passwords for Rithmic.
Once you have it all set up, you can compare the executions and see if it makes a difference.




Thank you for the reply. Just a few more questions, does the demo allow the fill capabilities of multicharts?
Are the demo fills would be be the same as the real account?


The demo for MultiCharts should allow you full capabilities.
The demo execution would not carry the same latency as the real time trading.
Real time trading latency is much lower.


[MENTION=554]ESfusion[/MENTION], if MultiCharts uses a dialect of EasyLanguage which is 100% backwards compatible with Tradestation. The only difference is that both MC’s PowerLanguage and TS’s EasyLanguage have special functions and keywords related mostly to either visual representation and UI (TradeStation) or portfolio backtesting and working with multiple data feeds/trading platforms (MultiCharts). Thus said, all trading commands and functions are absolutely identical in both TS and MC.

In other words, you do not need any translation from TS to MC, especially in case your issue is so severe that you get negative performance instead of positive. I would start with checking the settings for backtesting in both platforms, then compared data in use and the execution modeling method, especially in case you use limit orders. It is possible that you would need a more thorough look, but this is what comes to mind first.


[MENTION=561]Doctor Leo[/MENTION], thanks for joining the forum and sharing your experience.
The information above would be useful to many of those who want to
run Easy Language on MultiCharts.