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Trading 2 Strategies on Multicharts


I want to take a long position for the day as an example, and scalp taking short and long positions throughout the day. How are my trades offset if I am long and short at the same time? Is that possible?



Essentially you can not be long and short at the same time. Longs and Shorts are always offsetting each other.
if your capital allows you should have 2 accounts, and set up one for each strategy.
In the case you can not, then keep in mind that regardless of how you trade, it will not affect the P&L.



I understand the accounting part, but how will orders be associated with each position?
Which positions would be kept overnight in case I need to maintain such a position?
Thank you again.


Under one account orders placed are not “associated” with your short term or long term trades.
In essence, they are orders placed and offset on a FIFO basis.
As such, your last order is possibly the one that will be carried over night.

Again, we suggest to separate the account not only because of the accounting but to keep performance records of each strategy.



On MC I was able to create 2 charts and apply the two strategies. Now I have to assume that each one of those charts would be associated with an account. This makes sense to operate like that. Thanks for persisting!