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Trading function in chart context menu disabled?


After exploring and changing some things in AT the trading function in the chart context menu and QuickTrader-buttons are deactivated. What could I have done wrong?



Hello TraderFlo

There could be the following reasons and possible solutions:

  • Account settings for multibrokerage are not correct. -> Please check, if you have activated brokers as well as asset classes and exchanges you want to trade in: Tools -> Settings -> Account connections. Here you can find further information on multi brokerage settings.
  • You are not connected to your broker account. -> Please connect to your broker via Main -> Connections -> Connecting.
  • Trading hours or trading breaks were screwed up. -> Please check in InstrumentEscort as well as in ConfigurationsEscort your settings of trading hours and trading breaks. You will find the settings in the ConfigurationsEscort/Market Place Escort.
  • Pre/post trading hours are activated. -> Please check, whether you changed pre/post trading hours and activated in chart via Toolbar-button the PrePost-Market Icon - and if so please deactivate it.

Hope this helps.