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Are automatic stop losses available on TT?
On X_Trader there used to be an add-on which placed a stop loss automatically at a predefined number of ticks distance from entry price.




It sounds like what you are looking for here is a TT Bracket. TT Bracket Orders can be placed through the MD Trader.

1. Open an MD Trader widget with your desired contract.

2. Left click the order type drop down menu and select the TT Bracket option. Once the order type is selected, the TT Bracket window will open to the left of the MD Trader.

3. You’ll need to configure the settings within the TT Bracket window to match you trading method, but to summarize, a TT Bracket order is essentially an order that allows a user to submit a Limit or Stop order accompanied by an OCO (one-cancels-other) order. When the original Limit or Stop order is filled, the child OCO order is automatically submitted. The OCO is set with a profit target offset and a stop loss offset from the price the trader places the original order.

4. If you are only looking to place a stop loss order after the initial entry, I would suggest to set the profit target level to 0 and then set your stop loss to your desired level.

I might also suggest to look at the TT Stop order type if bracket orders aren’t exactly what you are looking for. This may suit your method as well. There are so many different widgets and order entry options on TT that the possibilities are essentially endless, but finding the one that fits your trading style is crucial.


Let me know if this was along the lines of what you were looking for. If not i’ll gladly continue to look into this.

Optimus Futures Support

The placement of contingent orders by you or broker, or trading advisor, such as a “stop-loss” or “stop-limit” order, will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended amounts, since market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.