Trading View Default Setting for Fib Retracements

Is there anyway to change the fib levels and set them as default. Everytime I close the browser the fibs revert back to what they originally are.

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It is possible to change your fib levels and set them as default, however, it appears you will need a pro version of the platform to access such a feature.

To save changed fib retracement levels or any of the drawing tools settings on this platform as a default template:

1. Select the drawing tool of choice. In our example, we’ll be selecting the fib retracement tool.

2. Once selected, draw a fib retracement anywhere on your chart. After the fib retracement has been drawn, left click the COG icon in the Fibonacci Retracement toolbar.

3. Under the style tab are all customizable settings related to fib retracement levels. Select the levels of your choice and any other settings you would like to save as a template.

4. Once all settings have been chosen, left click the Template drop-down box to save the applied settings as a template.

Saving as a template will essentially allow the user to create a new default list of settings that can be easily swapped out at any time.

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Optimus Futures Support

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