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TradingView and CQG Login


I want to keep the ability to trade through Tradingview, with all the features offered by my Pro subscription and their platform. Is there a way to merge the two accounts, or to get AMP to provide all the Tradingview Pro features?Can you advise?


Thank you @nickleor for your question. Go to the trading chart on your full version of TradingView.

  1. Right Click and click “Trading”
  2. Connect to CQG
  3. Put your CQG CQG credentials under the LIVE tab
  4. Before you click Live click the “Check your account now”
  5. Put your CQG username and password again. This verifies you do not pay data fees twice.
  6. put the password again and click Live again.

Now you can trade from the chart. We hope this helps.