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I am testing trading view browser access. WHen I log into it through my mobile phone I cannot see how or where open/pending orders are displayed.

The browser also does not always place pending orders above/below price on mobile.

Please advise,



Hi @jubael_haque,

This seems to be a limitation of Tradingview mobile.

After testing both the Android app and the platform directly through my mobile phone’s web browser, I cannot seem to pull up anything related to open/pending orders.

Accessing Tradingview directly through the mobile internet browser only seems to populate a chart that can be used for technical analysis.

On the other hand, the App version seems to be more of a social hub which allows traders to communicate ideas amongst one another. The same technical analysis features apply here as well, but I personally can’t seem to find a way to view anything related to positions, working orders, etc.

Feel free to follow up if you are able to find a solution to this problem.

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Hi Jake,

I came up with the exact same conclusion as you.

Solution is to use:

the interface seems to be more functional.

Hope this helps,





CQG Desktop is designed with the intent to be used across multiple devices, including mobile ones. That is a great solution to your issue if you are currently using the CQG data feed.

If you intend to use CQG Desktop on a mobile device, I would suggest taking a look at our article on how to reconfigure the platform for mobile devices:

It is also worth mentioning that as of this week, the CQG Mobile app was completely redesigned to be more in line with CQG Desktop. If you prefer using an App over the browser-based version, feel free to download the app for your mobile device’s operating system from the following links:



Thanks for your contribution!
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Great! Thanks Jake, I will definitely try the app out.

Appreciate it.