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As far as I know, at least with TradingView, no this is not possible. Although I do believe it is configurable on other platforms.

With TradingView, you can right click your chart > trade > Enter New Order and enter additional orders as needed, but I do not think you can group existing orders/brackets as an “OCO Group” so when one order gets filled the rest cancel out. You can add additional OCO/brackets, but they will not be associated with already existing ones.

The only way to do something remotely close would be to manage these orders manually, but that is not exactly an OCO order.

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Hi, I’m new in the community and I’m not sure if this has been asked already…

I can’t seem to find how to place multiple targets on Tradingview (or CQG Desktop). I want to test a 2 targets strategy on MNQ. I’d like to place a limit order with say 2 contracts where target 1 is a parked order at 1:1 and target 2 is a separate parked order at say 3:1. I know Tradingview and CQG Desktop don’t have the multiple targets option available, but I thought there was a way around by placing 2 separate orders where both would have the same stop but 2 different targets. This doesn’t work because when the limit entry triggers, it combines both orders into 1 order with 1 stop and 1 target.

Any idea if there is another way to place 2 separate targets?

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I think I found a way to make this work using Tradingview.
When I place 2 separate orders with 2 different targets they will merge into 1 order (1 stop + 1 target) if both orders have the same duration “GTC” or “DAY”. However, they will NOT merge if they have a different duration… say the first order is “DAY” and the second order is “GTC”.

Problem solve for now!

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Hi, @SimonL Welcome to the community! Glad you sorted it out.
Jake @Mod-JakeM made a video not long ago about the integration of CQG and Desktop:

I hope this helps you, and we welcome more questions and comments from you.



For those interested, we’ve also created a new video demonstrating CQG integration between MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and TradingView:

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I have a free version TV account and my broker is Webull. I’m having an issue trying to make fractional share trades via TV with my Webull account.

Webull allows fractional share trading for certain stocks. When I choose to trade one of those allowed stocks in my TV chart, TV won’t allow me to enter a value less than 1 in the “units” section. It states “Specified value is less than the instrument minimum of 1,” and the value input box remains red, not allowing me to make a trade unless I input ‘1’ or more into the units box.

The same issue occurs in my TV PaperTrading account.

How can I trade fractional shares?

We are a Futures broker, so we are not sure how to help on shares, if you ever decide to trade futures through us, i’d be happy to help.

Matt Z
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