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TradingView Trading Platform Questions


Please post your questions here about TradingView on this thread.

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Matt Z



I’m enjoying the use of TradingView as my web-based platform. It’s been proving more advanced in terms of indicators and chart features available, than competing web based/cloud platforms. However this is more of an execution based question:

CQG connected fine and works for trading. Do you know if there will be OCO orders available with TradingView? I don’t know if this is a broker thing, a TradingView implementation or CQG feature. Currently I am unable to have a bracket order where I’ve preset my parameters (Stop Loss and Take Profit). At the moment I’m having to manually set and remove any Stops or Limit orders.

I only need this feature if I happen to step away from the charts and can’t monitor my position - wouldn’t want to accidentally enter an unintended new trade because I didn’t remove one of remaining orders from the previous position.



@metalhead, I really appreciate your question and we share your sentiment as far as far as the quality of the TradingView platform.vI have been told by TradingView that we should see such features in the next 30 to 45 days.
Clearly, the OCO order is a fundamental must when it comes to trading orders functionalities.

I believe that due to TradingView popularity, the development team will dd many more functionalities for execution and risk management.

In the mean time, you can consider adding your execution through any type of platform that drives CQG. In fact, you can consider **CQG Trader**because this is one of the better execution platforms while it has many reporting capabilities.
Again, I prefer to have it all in one, but many use platforms for executions and charting separately.

When we will have an update, I will update on this thread.

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Optimus Futures


Does TradingView allow you to follow peers or just expert investors?


You can follow anyone who publishes his/her ideas.

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Optimus Futures


I’m using TradingView as my web-based platform. It’s a very good platform in my opinion but CQG don’t seem to offer all the features of the Tradingview original.

For instance, I cannot place trailing stops orders. Can you tell me if it is at all available, and what should I do to set it up?

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Unfortunately, trailing stops is not a feature that can be accessed on the free web based version of Tradingview.

However, this feature is included in the pro version of the platform which can be purchased from TradingView directly:

Another alternative is to plug in your CQG trading credentials into the CQG Desktop platform for absolutely free, which does provide trailing stops. You can take a look at CQG Desktop here:

If you’re interested in trying out trailing orders on CQG desktop, they can be accessed through the HOT - Hybrid Order Ticket. Below is a screenshot encasing where trailing orders can be found on the DOM otherwise known as a HOT.

If you need any assistance with setting up trailing orders on CQG Desktop, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact me at: or give us a call at: (800) 771-6748

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