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Tri-device Gain Capital Technology Offering - Review


I decided to write a quick review of my experience with setting up my account with
Gain Capital FCM and using their 3 device trading platforms:

1) Gain OEC Trader - Desktop program
-Very fast datafeed,
-low CPU usage in comparison to some other programs (like Thinkorswim),
-very easy and fully customizable interface with lots of options for audio/visual alerts,
-ability to trade and place/modify orders on the chart (very useful) in addition to DOM traditional functionality,
-full inter-exchange between OEC Trader and Excell via DDE (very useful to write most trading ideas for
a full mechanical execution with Gain) I’ve found it very useful and easy to operate (short learning curve)
Cons: the DOM price snaps back to current price within 6-8 seconds even with AUTO CENTER option off

2) iBROKER Mobile App
-Very simple but useful trading interface to place/modify orders
-new charts (very fast and chart trading feature makes adding/modifying orders a breeze)
-I can walk away from the trading station and still be able to glance at my orders without losing the market beat
Cons: some features don’t work on my device [android] (like audio alerts) and can’t change order size from the chart window

3) iWEB Live
-very simple interface
-great backup for the desktop program or the mobile app versions

Overall I like being able to see/place/modify orders across any of these 3 platforms allowing me options
how to monitor and trade. Pretty nice offering from Gain despite my initial doubts.

Also, a nice feature on the Orders window as Gain reports all orders and where were they placed/modifie - whether Desktop, Mobile or iWeb platforms so that I can keep track of all orders and keep organized.

Top notch Gain!
Thanks Optimus Team for pushing me to test the demo and give Gain FCM and OEC Trader/Mobile App/iWEB platforms a go. So far can’t complaint as the speed is fantastic. I am running them all at the same time and they use a steady but pretty minimal CPU load.


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We really appreciate you writing that review about Gain Capital’s three trading platforms. Gain has excellent, easy to learn platforms and having the ability to access your trading account across multiple devices such as your mobile phone or from the web makes them that much better.

We hope that this review would encourage any trader that comes across it in the future to try out Gain Trader for themselves. Due to the great questions you have been asking recently, I’m sure they would have enough backlogged content to get them started! :sunglasses:

For any traders interested, you can take a look at all previous questions asked about Gain Capital and their trading platforms here:

Once again, thank you for your contribution and great questions @Project11! We look foward to any questions you may have in the future.

Optimus Futures Support
(800) 771-6748


Its my pleasure. We grow and learn from one another.
Anything new is always a bit challenging but we all adjust and get used to things.
I will keep trading on these platforms and once new nuances surface would be happy to comment and
ask questions and you guys are so good at helping us traders get around the learning curve with
new platforms or other futures related challenges.
Best Regards,

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