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Trying Rithmic API


i would like to ask if it would be free to use Rithmic API to create a custom software/program solution before getting to use it in a live funded account? Let’s say it would probably take some number of months to build the custom solution myself. So would I be subject to the price ($100 minimum/month) from day 1?


Essentially, yes, you would have to pay from day one the $100 per month. However, we can arrange the first month for a trial period, and then based on your trading activity via other 3rd party screen (NinjaTrader, etc) we could arrange an extension.



Hey Matt, I have found out from -------- that they can provide a demo download for Rithmic API. Is this possible for Optimus Futures as well? I would be interested to try programming on it out without spending on the USD100 per month.


Ok, I edited the other party as I don’t want to provide an advertising avenue for our competitors.
The other party has misinformed you or should I say, did not give you the whole picture. You can get an API from Rithmic that uses the test environment from the exchanges. As a developer, you will have access to all the necessary features and test it for as long as you want. If you wish to get real market conditions, then you are given only thirty days, thereafter via your funded account you will have to pay an additional 10 cents per trade with a minimum of $100.



Sorry for the inappropriate post. Thanks for the more detailed information regarding this.


There was aboslutely nothing wrong with the post and/or Q.

We are quite aware that many brokers that offer a variety of data feed are not well informed about what they offer. I find it very funny that brokers say “we have it all” yet have very poor familiarity with the environment they provide.

Specifically as far as Rithmic, we have been working for years with this environment and know the support staff very well.
We are not perfect, but try to get close to the source to be trained and ask when we don’t know a variable.
Email me any requests for Rithmic API.