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Trying to locate prop firm that purchased my automated trading system


I entered a business deal with another trader. We designed an automated trading system to trade the futures market. Without my knowledge he has now sold this idea to one of the big prop firms in Chicago or NYC and cut me out. I do not know any more details than this but would like to track down who purchased this and start court proceedings.

I hear that there is a board or forum at the CBOT where firms share information on technology they are buying, so that one person cannot sell the same idea to several of the funds and rip people off.

If anyone knows how I could start the process of tracking down this deal I would be most appreciative.


We can not give you legal advice. We are not lawyers or regulators for that matter.

CBOT is owned by the CME Group. That is the main organization.
In my opinion, It is not their job to track proprietary methods and who has the rights to it.

While we understand that you are trying to get a piece of the pie that belongs to you, we suggest discussing this with your legal counsel. No one is obligated to share any information with you from any firm based on “it’s mine”.

I am sorry we could not help further.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thank you for the reply Matt. Of course I am not after legal advise but it was worth throwing it out there incase there is a simple way of reaching out to firms in one swoop rather than individually contacting everyone. At the end of the day my old friend would have signed exclusivity contracts and I’m sure the buyer would be pretty pissed to find they have paid a large fee for something that someone has the else intellectual property for.

You are welcome.

Don’t think that prop firms are eager and ready to buy codes and methods that are external from 3rd party vendors. Real prop firms want a real track record, not a model. Unless the party has skin in the game, it is very unlikely they would just hop on it.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

8 years track record, live trades.

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Same code for the entire 8 years? No modifications?

yes. maybe a couple of improvements along the way. solid profits.

Maybe the “You” factor makes all the difference in the world.
If it needs some improvements in the future, it would not be able to perform without you.
Also, it could be the case that the prop firms ask him/her questions that you would not be able to answer giving them a clue that he/she is not the one who wrote the code.