TT Platform versus X Trader Platform

I am now with interactive brokers but looking to switch to Trading Technologies.
What does your company recommend for some who wants the best execution for spreads?
What is the major difference between the two as far speed, features, etc?
Do you prefer supporting one platform over another?

Thank you.

We do not prefer one over the other. However, we urge you to explore of the benefits of the downloadable version versus the web based version. I can tell you that most of our customers who trade the spreads do so on X trader while some that do straight single futures do that on the web based version.

We can not say conclusively if one if faster than another because that also depends on your computer set up and your internet connectivity. However, there is a significant different cost structure between X Trader and TT.
X Trader has a cost structure per month while TT has a transnational cost associated with it. Our clearer AMP Clearing currently is the one offering transnational cost structure over X Trader.

If you are going to trade from many places, we suggest to go for the NEW TT

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

this will help me get started. I am not exactly sure what it means to have a cap of $1,000 on the TT. Is that something we need to pay upfront?

You do not have to put up any fees upfront, rather the New TT has a cap of routing fees once you reach $1,000.
The routing fee is 30 cents, so once you break $1,000/.30=3,333 trades you are no longer charged (roughly 1,667 RTs a month).

We hope this helps.