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TT Trading Platforms New Features Added


5 New Trading Features on TT Platform

Send Staged Orders
Submit order intentions to another trader or trading desk for customized handling and execution using Order Staging. Staged orders, also known as care orders, can be sent from a FIX-enabled system such as a third-party order management system, from another user via a TT order-entry screen, or directly using your own TT screen.

Improve Autospreader® Execution with "Queue Holder"
Optimize queue position at each price level. This Autospreader-specific order type submits quote orders at multiple levels of the spread legs and manages them as a group.

Monitor Autospreader Latency
Autospreader performance has reached new peaks. Our median hedge latency in live production hovers around—and sometimes under—100μs, and median requote latency is consistently 65μs. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Autospreader now displays hedge and quote latency in the Audit Trail.

Configure Fill Alerts
The optional Fill Alert window displays an alert when new fills occur. If you close and later re-open the window, it will display the fills that occurred since the window was closed.

Trade Nasdaq Derivatives
Nasdaq Derivatives products are now tradable on TT through the NDAQ_EU market identifier. Contact Nasdaq to secure the sessions and permissioning required for trading.

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