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TT Trading Technology Margins


Optimus Futures:

Thank you for all the support your staff has provided. The TT platform was the right choice for a web-based platform. But, I ran into issues when we were setting up the contracts for trading. I need to specify contracts per each commodity, and then the total number of contracts that I am allowed to hold in total. Since I do hold my positions overnight, I would need to constantly calculate the max number of contracts instead of relying on the margins that are provided by the CME.

To further my point: I understand the need to specify clip sizes because different contacts may have different liquidity, Emini S&P versus Gold, etc.
But when a diversified portfolio trader wants to hold overnight, he should not be limited to the max number of total positions and instead just rely on the CME margins.


I apologize for the delay in answering this question. I did my best to get it from TT, and sadly I did not, except for “it is what it is”. First, you are right, when working with retail traders, there should be a margin based risk policy. However, Please keep in mind that for many years X Trader was the main front end for large traders, prop shops, etc. These type of arrangments especially when you allocate funds to traders need to be under the control of clip sizes and max size. Essentially, margins could be a poor indicator (in my opinion) for the underlying risk that is involved in futures trading, especially when you trade large size. While I respect your point about margins, we need to consider all the users for any given futures software and see the good in such an arrangement. TT has come a long way in terms of web-based futures execution, and I am sure that as they progress they will listen to the community of their users.

Let me know if it addresses your concerns.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


@Mod-MattZ Thank you for going to the extent that you do. Not many brokers do that! The TT margin policy is not ideal for a medium sized trader like me, but I do understand how prop firm would want to have control over their members especially ones who trade outside their offices. I did take your advice from the past when we spoke and devised a plan to decide on the number of contracts traded on each futures contracts individually or when the portfolio is in place. Can’t thank you enough for what you do!