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I know its possible to day trade VIX Options. I would like to know if you can day trade VIX futures. The difference in price is huge. Why is there only one kind of stop-loss allowed? What about taking profit at a specific level. Can you get in and out when you want to? I would appreciate if you could give me an idea of how you trade VIX futures. Thank you… Ron

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Hello @Ron_Johnson and welcome to the Optimus community. Yes, you can trade the VIX Futures contract for day trading if you believe that it presents you with such opportunities. Please keep in mind the contact size that we have specified here:

While this contract at times could be “quite” it could also gap, jump and be outside the comfort of what you see day to day. The VIX contract us a derivative on a derivative, The CBOE Volatility Index ( VIX ) is a measure of expected price fluctuations in the S&P 500 Index options over the next 30 days. Just as an FYI. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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