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Volume trading, Footprint, OrderFlow?



Your intro posting sounds quite interesting. But how about volume trading? What kind of analysis does the platform support. Is there any footprint or orderflow stuff available?


Hello TraderFlo

Yes - We call this OrderStream. Like for many other features, we are providing a comfortable pad for the OrderStream-Parameters too in the Actionbar just next to the chart.

You can selected the various OrderStream-Bar Types:

  • Disparity (Imbalance)
  • AskBid-Size
  • AskBid-Volume
  • AskBid-Volume Delta

additional functions are

  • Various coloring, painting and font Options
  • Price level and Volume settings
  • History selection
  • OrderStream indicator selection and settings for the cell statistics and line statistics.

I’m adding an image to make this more obvious.


But of course a very important part is how to trade OrderStreams. For this you will find the DOM price ladder and the QuickTrader, which is the price ladder in the chart, which also can be opened/activated via the ActionBar and where you can place your orders from.

If you have activated AgenaTrader++ and you enter an order, the system will set a complete setup (entry, stop, target(s)) into the chart.
if risk managment is activated, the order size according to your risk parameters is calculated automatically.

This makes scalping out of the DOM or out of the quick trader to a one click issue. When you look at the image you will see such a Long setup, which was activated and risk calculated with one click into the green Quicktrader bar.


Thank you for your detailed answers.