What are the ES Hours for the Day Trading?

What are the specific margins for ES before we go to exchange margins?

There are no regular hours for the ES. However, you must close your ES (E-mini S&P 500 Futures) BEFORE 17.00 PM EST. Any positions kept after require the full margin by the exchange.

But then you can go back in @ 6pm EST correct? Also can leave it all night till the next day till 3:15 CST?

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Hello @Zane Thank you for your ES (E-mini S&P) day trading hours question.
We would like to provide you with a general overview and some specifics.

The Globex ES day session ends at 4PM CST 5PM EST. So as long as you are out before the day session ends, you will be fine. Also, you can start trading again at 5PM CST, 6PM EST until the next day trading session. This is the general answer.

However, each FCM may have a different variation on the trading hours. For example, some may say that they want all positions out by 3.55 CST 4.55 EST. This is just one example. Some may allow only until 4.15 coinciding with the cash stock market close.

We at Optimus Futures try to identify the most suitable solution for you as an ES trader, and then we can provide all the rules that apply to that clearing solutions.

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Thanks for the answer the current broker I’m using right now allows me to use intra-day margins all day. cept b/w 3:15-5pm. I’m a novice so I’m experimenting on a few things…but I’ve found out on some days I can leave a trade in for the ES after 6pm EST and do decent. Once I build up a healthy balance my goal was to shoot for a few points with one contract. I was taught that I couldn’t trade after 5pm CST but I was surprised to find out that you can. The person that told me this info. hasn’t traded for 5 years and a few things have probably changed.

I also have been researching on Data Feeds. I’ve found that most people say Rithmic is better than CQG. Today I could’ve made way more money than 2 points…I was trying to go for 2 but when I see things going my way I like to raise my limit slowly. I didn’t have a chance today. it was stuck than it shot up super fast and hit my limit without giving me a chance to raise it. Instead of 5-6 points I made 2.

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This is a changing and evolving industry, so you should always get your information from people who are still in the industry. As we mentioned, different FCMs provide different conditions. By the way, 5-6PM EST, the markets for the ES are closed. If you keep overnight (past 5PM) you need the full margin for the contract.

Multiply the maintenance margins by 1.1 for initial margin.

We do not comment on people’s method here, but we would work with you to find the right technology for you whether Rithmic or CQG in order to make sure you get a stable connection,

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