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What does the "alert state" column mean in the Trader Dashboard?

What does the “alert state” column mean in the Trader Dashboard?

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You can configure various risk alerts in the Preferences window.

6 types of risk alerts are provided:

% Max Allowable Loss, Account Balance, Available Margin, Quantity Limits, Open Profit/Loss, and P&L.

An account can be in any of the following 4 alert states:

  • alert (0) - the account is in the alert range

  • warning (1) - the account is in the warning range

  • normal (2) - no alert or warning

  • other (3) - the account is in the alert/warning range but there are currently no open positions.

An alert sound also can be configured to play whenever an account turns to red or yellow.

To take an example, in the following Account Balance levels, an account will be in the warning state (alert state 1) if the balance falls below 1000 and will be in the alert state (alert state 0) if the balance falls below 0. But these accounts without an open position will be in the other state (alert state 3). If the account balance is 1000 or more, it will be in the normal state (alert state 2).


Alerts can be applied in the Trader Dashboard Window.

Multiple alerts can be applied at the same time. In the following window, all except the first alert type is applied. You can sort on the alert type to see those accounts that needs immediate attention first. The window also shows the total number of accounts in each state - 1 account in red, 1 account in yellow, 3 accounts in green, 2 accounts in grey.

Use the ‘Show RMS Active Accounts’ to see only those accounts that opened a position during the day.


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