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What Economic news announcements should every trader pay attention to?

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday we had a FED announcement, I had no clue it had happened. I was able to make money yesterday without knowing it was due to the fed announcement but did fairly poorly during the open drive this am having no idea why it was happening. Had I known this, I could have prepared so much better for it. I did try a couple weeks ago to pay attention to key economic data, but any economic calendar I opened up, had 100’s of announcements, multiple everyday and I couldn’t figure out which to prioritize.

So my question:
What economic news should be on the forefront of every news (Especially for ES/MES) . I will add two that are now on my calendar.
1: Non Farm Pay-roll
2: Key Fed announcement

What other key announcements should traders pay attention to, regardless of what market they trade?



This is a great topic! I have also been caught off guard by not knowing what numbers are the biggest movers.

I know Optimus has a news platform that I’ve checked out. I’ve used Economic Calendar and Trading View for theirs.

Those two are good ones. @autobahn what have you seen for this?


Thanks Ben! Couple questions.

Did you find the Optimus news platform to show the same information as the Trading View economic calendar?

I checked out Trading view and filtered it to only US but there’s just many links I can’t tell whats actually relevant. Is there a specific way that you filter on trading view?

Thank-you :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even know Optimus had a news platform! :astonished:

There are a few YouTube ‘personalities’ I listen to in the morning and that gives me a good idea of what Social Media traders are watching for. Usually they’ll mention the important ones like FOMC reports, NFP, etc. It only takes 5 minutes and I can get up to speed while having a shower or making a coffee.

The formal news feed I use is the one Jigsaw provide with their Journalytix platform. I find that to be good. Each news event is coloured green, yellow or red depending on the expected impact on the markets I’ve selected. It also ties in with journaling so can show your trade performance around and after each news event, and it gives you a reminder before the event occurs.

I use Stocktwits if there is a big price movement that looks like a news reaction but I’m not sure what it is. For example, a few days ago Biden announced proposed tax changes that moved the market. It was Stocktwits that clued me in first.


Hello @autobahn!

Thanks for the feedback. Do you mind sharing who those youtube personalities are? I used to have something equivalent for trading equities but I haven’t really found the same for trading Futures.

Thank-you :slight_smile:

Try The Kendall Report. He is on daily and usually mentions anything of importance in the first few minutes, so don’t need to listen for long.


Thanks! Found him on youtube.

All accounts have free access to the Optimus News platform.
If you have an account drop an email to support, and request access to it.
We typically send an email when the account gets established for the Optimus News login request.

I’ll make sure you that our support @Mod-JakeM will get you access to it.

Thank you,
Matt Zimberg
Optimus Futures

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Nice thanks @Mod-MattZ!

I remember trying to access this and there was a paid version also? One that gave historical data on markets and their reaction to certain numbers?


Nice I like the quick ones with good info.

@Mod-MattZ, what is your opinion on the premium options for the news platform? It says it gives trade ideas and other historical data based on what the market did in the past.

Have you seen those to be insightful?