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What events/currencies are email notifications based off of?


When playing around under the Emails and Notifications tab I noticed there is a Favorite Events section down towards the bottom of the page. I also noticed under the Calender Filter there are several currencies I can enable along with how their impact is displayed.

The question I have is: With email notifications enabled, which events or currencies will I be receiving email notifications for? Currencies in the calendar filter? Favorite events? Or both?

Thanks in advance



Email Notifications are based off of the events in the Favorite Events section as shown below:

Optimus News caters the emails you receive depending on what you have selected under Favorite Events, so please keep that in mind.

It is also worth mentioning that the rate at which you receive emails are selected at the top of the Emails & Notification tab. The morning and evening settings will fill you in on upcoming events for the events you have subscribed to for that day or have already occurred, while the Weekly Start and Summary settings will provide you with similar emails but on a weekly basis.

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any additional questions about Optimus News.
Optimus Futures Support