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What is Historical Data Feed for Futures?


I spoke today to one of your brokers and he said that I would need the DTN IQ data feed and the CQG data feed for the execution side. Could you Please tell me what is the difference between the two, and why would need both?
This is very confusing.


The DTN IQ data is for historical charting and for the internals you requested, such as TICK,TRIN, etc
This is a feed you can not execute on. Namely, This is just for charting and/or other purposes.
However, CQG data will be your routing data for execution on the different exchanges.

Not all customers need both as CQG can provide historical data and internals. However, some prefer DTN because of its length of history and its calculations for internals. This becomes a personal preference for the trader.
We hope this makes it clear.