What type of content can I expect with Optimus News email notifications?

I am interested in participating in email notifications on Optimus News, but I am a bit hesitant to opt in because of spam and a cluttered inbox.

Can you enlighten me on the type of content i’d receive if I do turn on email notifications?



You will only receive email notifcations for A. The events you subscribed to and B. If you have email notifications turned on.

Below are examples of a daily and weekly summary emails:

Depending on which email notifications you opt in to, the max amount of emails you would receive in a day from Optimus News is three seperate emails. (If you subscribe to every email notification type you would receive two daily digest emails and if it is a Monday or Friday you would receive a weekly summary or weekly start email).

As you can see email notifications from Optimus News simply fill you in on any upcoming events or any events that you may have missed out on. We provide you with perspective insight to the impact the event had on the market, expected and actual numbers, as well as the strength of the event.

I hope this cleared things up about email notifications from Optimus News!

Thanks for your question and enjoy the news trading platform,
Optimus Futures Support