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Whats the difference between CQG Desktop and CQG M? Are they free?

Hi there,

I just tried a demo of CQG Desktop and I am liking it so far!

Can you please tell me what the difference between CQG Desktop and CQG Mobile? Also, what is the pricing for these platforms. I see on your website it is listed as free with an asterisk. What does that mean?


Hi @lonobo,

Thanks for your question!

CQG Desktop and CQG M or CQG Mobile are essentially the same platform! The only major difference is that CQG Desktop can be accessed from the web or from your favorite internet browser while CQG Mobile is actually the downloadable App that is available on Google Play or the Apple Store. That being said, your CQG account can be accessed on either platform and orders/positions will be carried over to both.

If you prefer accessing CQG Desktop from your phone’s browser rather than downloading an app from your coresponding app store, you can actually reconfigure CQG Desktop on your phone for mobile use using the following guide from our FAQ support guide: This essentially makes both platforms identical, one is accessed from a mobile browser and one is a native app.

As far pricing, this depends on the clearing firm you are with! For AMP customers, CQG Desktop is free of charge. For the other clearing firms we work with, CQG Desktop is $25/month.

Let me know if you have further questions on CQG Desktop! We also have our Youtube tutorial playlist for the platform that you’re more than welcome to refer to:

Thanks for your time,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: