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Where can I find Exchange and Symbol values for R API?

New to Rithmic, R API, etc. and working with code distribution in python. I have the application able to run, but would like to request market data (specifically CME e-Micro S&P).
I have the included ReferenceGuide.pdf, but can’t seem to locate values to populate for Exchange and Symbol
Any help is greatly appreciated! : )

I assume that the symbols for the Rithmic API would work just like they work on their own platform.
So they put the symbol first, like MES or ES, month, the year and the exchange.
March 2022 Micro Emini SP would look like this:
for June it would be:

Let us know if this helps.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hello @farazj,

To follow up on Matt’s response - Although it may not be directly available through the API interface, one thing I could suggest is to use your Rithmic login credentials on R Trader (Rithmic’s own platform) and open their symbol browser.

There are 100s of symbols on Rithmic’s servers, this feature will show you the exact format:

Like Matt mentioned, the format should be: Product-Contract Month-Year.Exchange

We hope this helps!