Why are only two charts showing on Optimus News?


The first time I used Optimus News I noticed that there where four separate charts under the charts tab.
However, when I just logged in I can only see two charts. Has the platform been updated to only display two charts now? Or is there a setting that needs to be adjusted on the platform? Below is a screenshot of the issue I am experiencing.

Thanks for your help,


I believe the issue you are experiencing is not a platform issue, but an issue revolving around your internet browser. You may have accidentally “zoomed in”, causing two of the charts to be cut off by your window.

To Zoom back out, simply hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while scrolling your mouse wheel downwards. If you are using Google Chrome, you’ll notice a magnifying glass in the top right corner of your search bar if you have changed the default setting. Simply left click this magnifying glass and revert the setting back to 100% or click Reset.


This should allow you to view all four charts simultaneously on Optimus News.

Let me know if you are still running into issues, i’d love to assist you.
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Thanks @Mod-JakeM!

That is exactly what happened. Resetting my zoom back to 100% allowed me to display all four charts :grin:

Thanks for the assistance!