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Why Do Beginners Trade More Frequently Early In Their Trading Career

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This article on day trading frequency is the opinion of Optimus Futures. How often should you day trade futures? That all depends. Is once a day good enough? Is two dozen times too many? Most beginners don’t think about day trading frequency. But they should. Trading too much puts you at risk of taking low-probability setups. It also can lead to higher transactional fees which can also reduce profits. Trading too little can also leave money on the table if high-probability setups are missed. Today, we’ll explore the two main reasons why beginners tend to trade more often than seasoned…

Great article! Emotions and not being experienced in identifying the best entry or exit points are certainly two of the most important aspects. It also takes time for a person to learn their own limits - even after they have a solid base of knowledge, how many trades one can handle mentally within a day can differ.

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