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Why won't my chart's contracts save after I exit Optimus News?


I’ve noticed that whenever I exit Optimus News, the contracts that I change on my charts revert back to default every time I come back. Why is this happening?

Is there a way to make these changes permanent?



The contracts for your charts can be permanently saved by:

1. Opening the Optimus News menu.


2. Selecting Charts

3. Delete and replace the contracts in the four chart dialogue boxes. Make sure to use the same contract format that is supported through the TradingView charts found on the Charting Tab. (If you unfamiliar with the contract format, simply search for the contract name in one of the charts and input this same contract into the chart’s setting dialogue box)

4. Once you have manually entered the contracts for the charts you would like them applied to, left click the Save Settings button and then refresh your browser. This will automatically configure the charts found in the Charting tab to the contracts specified in the Charts settings sidebar.

Let me know if you have additional questions with charts on Optimus News.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support