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Hi I found out that Optimus will have their own software platform. I’m really excited about this:
I’m sure that all traders can agree with me that speed is very important in trading, sometimes the ability to take up CPU resources plays a factor, how does your platform solve that problem?

Thank you



You are correct Zane, in the upcoming weeks we will actually be releasing two web-based platforms for our customers. Optimus News and Optimus Trader.

Both platforms are web-based and can be accessed directly from your favorite internet browser. Due to the fact that they are both web-based platforms, they both use extremely low CPU resources. Being that they are both used on the web, they are naturally confined to the CPU resources of whatever browser they are used on unlike downloadable desktop platforms. They are both extremely efficient CPU resources wise and yet have I experienced any sort of lag or slow down while using either platform.

As for features of the platforms, Optimus News is a news based trading platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to send you information about macro events as they happen. Optimus News calculates the magnitude of an event using historical data and artificial intelligence to predict market reaction allowing you to use your own experience and expertise to make a competitive decision, with the help of our artificial intelligence systems.

Optimus Trader on the other hand is a web-based trading platform that prides itself on instant and speedy execution. Optimus Trader was designed to present the information and tools traders need in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way. The easy to learn layout makes the platform an ideal choice for beginners, while the ever-expanding list of indicators and trading tools make it a valid alternative for professionals as well. Users have the ability to route Rithmic and CQG data feeds directly to Optimus Trader allowing them to directly place and execute trades from Optimus Trader. Again, the platform utilizes extremely low CPU resources so the platform can essentially remain open at all times without having to worry about the bog down of memory on your computer as you might expect on a typical desktop trading platform.

I hope you found this information helpful. We can’t wait for you to try out Optimus News and Optimus Trader upon release!

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support


HEHEHE very nice so It will help if I have a 1 gig fiber optic inernet connection right? That’s another thing I’ve been looking into. I know little guys like me can’t be HFT’s but I’m trying to get all the advantage I can get


oh another question… I also trade FOREX and my platform has a mobile application
I’ve found that due just being busy in life.sometimes i’m running around and am not near my laptop. and can’t follow my futures trades or place an order…however for FOREX I follow multipule markets and sometimes place orders in my bed before I go to sleep or on the road literally pull over to the side make a couple calculations put my order in and forget about it…and follow up with the results…this makes trading FOREX for me lots of fun and stress free…so what’s my point? here it is…are you going to have or are you working on a mobile version of your software since it’s web based and doesn’t need a lot of resources?



Also how much is the platform going to cost??


Will Optimus News be built into the platform? kinda like how think or swim has news built in to theirs?



  • Having a better internet connection can never hurt, especially when it comes to web-based trading platforms. That being said a 1 gig fiber optic internet connection is more than enough, maybe even overkill!
  • As far as I know, our platforms will launch optimized for desktop devices. Being that they are internet based, it is possible to open them up on a mobile browser, but they might not be entirely optimized for mobile yet. For the best user experience, I would suggest only operating with our platforms on a desktop computer at launch. Once I have more information for you I will gladly update this post with how our platforms will behave on mobile devices.
  • Both platforms will be absolutely free for customers of Optimus Futures!
  • It’s great you asked! Yes! Optimus Trader will be directly built into Optimus News shortly after release. This provides traders with the ability to keep track of macro news events while having the potential to directly execute trades within Optimus News if a related news event sparks their interest.

Let me know if you have any additional questions about our upcoming platforms!