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Bookmap Trading Platform AMA (Ask Me Anything)


Hello Guys, we have finally brought you Bookmap as a trading platform. Our demos will be supplied by Rithmic data feed. To get your demo:

Please go ahead and ask any questions you may have about the platform.

Thank you,

Matt Zimberg
Optimus Futures


What are the data feeds you guys support with Bookmap?


We support Rithmic, CQG and OEC Data Feeds.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures


What features of Bookmap are capable of customization? Specifically, I am interested in blocks of 250,500 and 1000 ES lot trades but spread out over time frames of 5,15,30 and 60 minutes. If you can specify any other features that allow resting order and filled orders customization, please let me know.


There are many custom settings in Bookmap for traded volume, as well as for the current and historical Depth of Market. Check them out under Bookmap’s Automatic Contrast Config tool as well as the Studies Config tool on the main Bookmap toolbar.

You can filter your traded volume for 250,000 or 1000 contracts per volume dot, then select you preferred time frame in Bookmap very easily. See images,
for the ES 1 hr chart with 250500 volume per dot displayed (on vwap as well).

Then image for the ES 5 min chart with a dot for each 1000 contracts traded.

Bruce Pringle

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


Is there a way to backtest strategies?


is there any extra cost for being able to utilize such minute data in bookmap? Like being able to zoom in so much on the dots.


Matt - will there be any live trading demos? I’d like to see this in action.



Are there any more webinars planned for the immediate future?


I missed the first part, are the size of the circles the trades volume? The split between red and green sells vs buys?


yes, we can bring Bruce during live markets to do the presentation. This was just our first intro to Bookmap, so we did it after market close.



How would you use Bookmap to spot sweeps and pulls?


How would you use Bookmap to monitor absorption of bids and offers?


also, is it possible to customize the color of any part of it? like the volume dots or the heat map from white?


What of Icebergs, and spoofing … will Bookmap help in those areas?


what are those?


Hi Matt & Bruce,
Am I able to add the parameters for my daily trading plan to Bookmap?


im not sure that its too complex in that area. the white lines will stay or go once price reaches them correct?


Tough question … how would you rate the learning curve with Bookmap for the trader to become proficient in its use assuming an experienced trader with a background in this type of analysis? For example, how long did it take you o achieve this level?


Finally are there any plans to add delta type footprints and the like to make Bookmap a more comprehensive program or do you just plan to further develop your unique approach to reading order flow in the markets?