Calendar Spreads (margins) & ICE futures


some questions:

  1. what margin do you require to hold Crude Oil calendar spread CLU4 - CLV4 - NYMEX (please include highest value required)?

  2. how long does it take to allow ICE product on my account after opening?

  3. do you offer Trading Technologies TT FIX (for SierraChart) connection?

Thank you

Margins typically change from time to time, therefore we need to talk in terms of generalities as oppose to figures. Therefore, the highest value we assign to a CL spread is a maintenance margin.
However, this is NOT a hard fast rule and could change depending on customer credit, history of trading, etc
The current highest rate (5/5/2014) is $1,400

ICE would be available to you immediately upon funding the account.

We only support Rithmic via SierraChart because it has worked for us and our customers.