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Continuous Contract


How do you create one? I use footprint charts and I need my intraday charting data at 1tick for precision purposes. Is there another way to create a seperate symbol for a continuous contract or is there one that exists under the Rithmic feed?


Hello Jngrim53,

Thank you for your post!

You can create Continuous Contracts chart by chart within Sierra Charts. So, for example, you could have one of your charts set up to show continuous data, and another to just use the current expiry.

We’ve actually created a video that shows the process visually here:
Sierra Chart - Setting up a Continuous Futures Contract - YouTube

You can also follow these directions:

  1. Select an open chart within Sierra Chart
  2. In to the toolbar, click the ‘CS’ or Chart Settings button
  3. Within the CS menu, click the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab
  4. There will be a check box option for ‘Continuos Futures Contract’, check this box
  5. Click ‘OK’

This will then apply the continuous contract option for that specific chart for you.