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Could I trade EUREX futures with Sierra Chart and Optimus?


As far as I know, Optimus provides EUREX only with the CQG data feed.
Sierrachart just started supporting CQG FIX for trading service.

Does it all fit together, so I could trade EUREX futures with Sierrachart and Optimus?
I case this works, I assume that this works only for the trading service, but not for EUREX market data. Correct?
Thanks a lot.


Hello @joe111 If SierraChart has opened their portals to FIX CQG, I can definitely explore whether EUREX is available as well.
In General, we do offer EUREX over CQG, so we assume that it could work.
Let me talk to SC guys and see if that could happen.




Discussed things with Sierra:
You can trade EUREX using Sierra Chart and CQG. You will have to pay separately for market data. Currently for the EUREX data this is $65 USD a month. And this will drop to about 50 USD a month starting sometime next month.I was told that at some point though, SC are going to support the CQG market data so you will not have an additional data expense. I do not foresee that though probably until a few months from now.



Thanks. This helps a lot. :slight_smile:


You are welcome.


I trade Eurex futures (Sierrachart/Optimus). I use Sierrachart’s own datafeed (fees for Eurex are $21/month) and connect via CTS/Wedbush. It’s what Sierrachart calls their “Advanced and Lower-Cost Connection model”. Works great.