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DOM Trading and Stop-losses

In DOM Trading in R|Trader, I know how to:

  1. enter a position with a limit or market order
  2. add a limit by clicking on the DOM to set a “take profit”

But how do I set something, clicking on the dom, to be a “stop loss” ?


Hi @ycomp,

There are two columns that you can add within the R Trader and R Trader Pro order book to place both buy & sell stop limit and stop market orders directly from the DOM with an entry order.

To add these columns:
1. Right-click here and choose Add/Remove Columns

2. Enable the SM and SL checkboxes.

3. You will now see the two new columns. As far as I know, SM = Stop Market and SL = Stop Limit. Clicking within these columns will place their respective order types.

Depending on which side of the market you click on, R Trader will automatically adjustand place the proper buy/sell order. For example, clicking below market price will give you a sell stop while clicking above the market will place a buy stop.

You could also avoid this entirely and simply place these as a bracket order through Bracket and OCO configuration right above the DOM. That would place your entry order, limit, and stop-loss all in one click. Either way, the steps above to add the SM and SL columns can be useful in other situations as well!

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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thank you for your responsive forum staff! this information helped me

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hey, you forgot to thank me for asking the question in the first place! lol

but yeah the answer was great, I couldn’t find the info anywhere else


:sweat_smile: done!

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

@ycomp Thanks for your question and the kind words!

Optimus Futures

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