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Drawing Shortcuts


I ran into an issue of being “stuck” on the most recently used drawing and in order
to get back I would need to either RIGHT CLICK to select the POINTER
go to TOOLS TAB to find the pointer and be able to get back.

But, I was glad to realize that the fastest option to get around it is
to use the custom key SHORTCUTS.

I see that by simply pressing ALT-7 I can trigger
the PRICE RETRACEMENT and then by hitting
ALT-1 I can get back to the the pointer and be able to
trade from the chart or do anything else.

Very helpful. Good feature Sierra!
It just take some time to learn the new shortcuts.


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@Project11 Thanks for mentioning this feature! I’m sure many of our users who weren’t familiar with it already will find this very useful.

I’d also like to mention that you can actually adjust a setting to have your drawing tool revert back to the Pointer after a single use. You can configure this by heading over to 1. Tools > Tool Settings

2. From there open the drop down menu for the After Single Tool Use Change To setting and select Pointer.

3. Once selected press Apply.

After this setting is established, every time after you use a drawing tool, you’re mouse will revert back to the pointer!

Thanks for your contribution! Hopefully this setting will make your life a bit easier so you don’t have to remember so many different drawing tool shortcut combinations! :rofl:

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Wow, great news. I wasn’t expecting this little setting to be included.
Seriously, Sierra has been surprising me every step along the way so far.
The platform is so granular and it seems that things can be highly customizable.
I start getting the idea what some of my pro trader friends were talking about re: Sierra.
I can’t wait to dig in deeper.
Great inputs!

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I agree! Sierra Chart is almost overwhelming with the amount of customization features it provides.

If used in the right hands, it can definitely become one of the most powerful trading platforms out there.


I will keep my “finger” on it for now :slight_smile:

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