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Editing/Deleting Chartbooks


I know this is a dumb question but how do I rename a chartbook? If I can’t rename it how do I delete it. When boot the system I select file and there is a list of my chartbooks and I select the one I want but I can’t find a way to change the names or delete them. I should have named them before I saved them.


I felt that way too when I was trying to find how to do it. It took me awhile to find how to ask the question in Sierra Chart documentation. Here is what I found:

Renaming a Chartbook

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  1. If you want to change the name of a new Chartbook which has not yet already been saved, then select File >> Save As on the menu. Type the name in the File Name box and press Save . Stop here.
  2. It is first recommended that you close the Chartbook you wish to rename if it is open. To close the Chartbook if it is open, make sure the Chartbook is active by selecting it from the CB menu and then select File >> Close Chartbook on the menu.
  3. Select File >> Open Chartbook on the menu. Locate and select the Chartbook in the list of Chartbooks in the displayed Open Chartbook window.
  4. Press the Rename button.
  5. Type in the new name. The file extension still needs to be Cht . If the file extension is not specified it will automatically be added.
  6. Once you have renamed the Chartbook, simply select it in the list and press Open to reopen it.

You will see both rename button and the delete button… Apparently the list you see and click on is the recently opened chartbooks.