Historical data - CQG through Sierra

Hello, was wondering if you have a solution that provides historical data for those of us using CQG’s feed within Sierra Charts.

Sierra made the announcement below earlier in December which took effect this week…

Jan 1, 2021 Changes to Historical Data: Interactive Brokers, CQG - Support Board - Sierra Chart

Since updating to the new version of Sierra Charts, my historical data ends around mid-December 2020 which is insufficient for backtesting purposes.

Hello @MWG86,

Thanks for your question and welcome back to the community forum.

We have a few clients currently facing this issue since the changes made by Sierra Chart as of the new year. This issue primarily stems from the fact that the majority of the clearing firms we work with do not support Sierra Chart Order routing.

From what we have gathered, the best solution so far for the clients that do not have SC order routing available to them seems to be purchasing Sierra Chart Denali data directly from the Sierra Chart portal dtrictly for analysis purposes: Create an Account, Account Login and Purchase Information - Sierra Chart

You can utilize Sierra Chart’s Denali data for real-time/historical technical analysis while still using CQG for your order execution. If you decide to go this route, please make sure that your charts are set to Sierra Chart Denali symbols for analysis while your order entry is set to the CQG symbols for order execution.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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