How do I remove a study from chart?

I feel so embarrassed to ask this but I have been trying to remove a study from my chart in Sierra Chart and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen. Can someone please explain to me how to remove a study from a chart? I’d appreciate it!

Don’t be embarrassed! We all had to learn how to use Sierra Chart at one point or another and we all had to ask questions like this one. In order to remove a study from a chart simply click on the “Analysis” tab and click on “Studies”. The various studies that you are able to remove will be in a list on the right side. Select which study you want to remove and click on it. Simply click “Remove” and “Okay”. That’s all you have to do. Good luck!

The prior answer is all correct and very accurate. Thank you.

There is also a new method to remove a study within a chart. Simply right-click along the text line at the top of the Chart Region the study is located within and select the study from theRemovesubmenu.