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ICS spread charts in Sierra and Y axis

I can pull up the ICS spreads on Sierra but the Y axis setting doesnt match the platforms even with Auto Set from Data feed in Chart Settings. These are net change DOMs. Please see screenshot of Sierra with CQG feed - chart structure itself looks fine but see screenshot of TT and how the values are different
Any thoughts?
If you have a connecting to TT Fix with Sierra, can you pull up the FYT June 20 (it will come up as ICS: 3xZF June20 - 2xZN June20 and see if the Y values are same as the TT platform shown below?
I have tried changing Tick size, Price display format etc… but they probably wont work since the levels on the ICS spread DOM are not in same increments - so i think it needs to come from the feed and formatted the right way


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Hi @jokertrader. Thanks for your question.

We personally do not have an account to access TT Fix data on Sierra Chart at this time, so it is hard for us to tell you whether or not the data on the Y axis would have the same values as they do on TT’s platform. We’ll try and take a deeper look and see what we find.

I was going to suggest that you head into Global Settings > Symbol Settings >find the ICS spread you wish to trade or create a spread yourself and then Set appropriate values for the Price Format , Tick Size , and Currency Value Per Tick

If you find the desired symbol and want to make changes to its settings, Ensure that the option for Use Custom Symbol Settings Values is Enabled. If it is not enabled, then select the Checkbox next to this option to Enable it.

I suggest taking another look and verify that that the option for Use Custom Symbol Settings Values is Enabled.

I will try and find out what I can from Sierra Chart as well!
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